Just some of the awesome clients I have worked with…

The only thing that was a concern for me was the time difference and turn around time. Sometimes I needed things right away, but because of the time difference, it took longer than I needed. This was only about 20% of the time, but it was a slight issue for me. Overall though, I was satisfied.

Krista Giffin

Certified Life Coach, Love Life Bliss Coaching

Pam built out my website based on a theme I bought. I sent her a list of the things that I wanted and she completed them to the tee! The website looks great and it was a real time saver to have her do such beautiful work.

Hailey Thomas

Head EA and Project Manager, BrainSpace Optimized

Thanks Pam for hopping on and explaining to the team. Great organization!!! It looks great and love the flow.

… I have to say I could not have asked for a better team. You guys have really helped to make this process smoother than I expected. Tequila Dodard

Social Project Strategist, Tequila Dodard

Pam is the best virtual assistant I’ve ever hired. She is responsive, reliable, responsible, honest, and creative. She pays a lot of attention to detail, and takes initiative. I will continue working with Pam in the future as I grow my business. A pleasure to recommend her and her services!

Cloris Kylie

Influencer Marketing Business Coach, Cloris Kylie

I can highly recommend Pam! Or maybe I shouldn’t say that! I don’t want her to be too busy to help me out  Rachael Owen

Marketing Strategist, Beresford Marketing

Great job! You work so quick! I liked working with you and I am so glad to find you online and to have your help. Christopher Loch

Internet Marketing Consultant, The Secret Ingredient Brand Marketing Company, LLC

Pam would have to be one of the BEST VA’s I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is efficient, understanding, helpful and easy to communicate with. She follows instructions very well and asks questions when needed. She has been offered another position, which is why I am forced to close this contract. I do intend of rehiring her in the future for more work. Thanks again Pam! Joe Burrill

Internet Entrepreneur, Joe Burrill

I have loved working with Pam. She is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and has really gone above and beyond for me in terms of making my summit run so smooth. I will definitely keep working with her and would highly recommend her! Only the time difference [has been a concern], but it honestly hasn’t been an issue at all! Ashley Keefe

Lifestyle Coach, Ashley Keefe | Health Fitness Lifestyle Business

Pam is a joy to work with. She has initiative and understands the job’s needs and gets the work done. You don’t have to hold her hand, she knows how to do amazing work without much direction. Ashley Eneriz

Owner, Mama Hustle Repeat

Pam was a pleasure to work with and interpreted guidance very well! I am very happy with the blog post article produced. Jessica Ruhfus

Founder, Collabosaurus

Pam provided us with excellent work and was extremely cooperative through any changes or modifications that were required. Natasha Devine

Web Content Producer, Freshmilk (Perk.com Canada)