Do you…

  • find yourself constantly wondering where your next client will come from?
  • find yourself wishing you’d get regular work instead of one-off projects?
  • feel underpaid and low-balled but don’t know if there are clients who can actually afford your ideal rate?

Are you…

  • still wondering if freelancing might be something that will allow you to leave the 9-to-5 job you aren’t very excited about?
  • a beginner still testing the waters of freelancing?
  • an *experienced* freelancer who seem to be stuck at an entry-level rate?


✓ How I finally transitioned from employee to business owner mindset

✓ My TOP 5 sources of solid leads where you can find your next big client!

✓ MyEXACT Swipe File that you can customize and use to pitch to your next big client!

✓ Tips and tricksto land a client who will actually pay you at least $20 per hour!

✓ Mentorship from me and a supportive community of fellow hustlers!

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