Hello, I'm Pam

(and that is my daughter)

I’m here to help
for your website.

I specialize in writing about travel,
personal finance, parenting and
digital marketing.

You simply do not have the time to sit down and write content.

Yes, you are great at coming up with awesome products and services but putting them into words is just NOT your thing.

Or you’d probably like to write but just don’t know where to start.

You’ve been constantly pulling your hair but still end up constantly staring at a blank page on your computer.

The to-do list just never seems to get crossed off completely:

  • Putting your business out there
  • Getting your brand’s message to the world
  • Figuring out social media and connecting with your audience
  • Branding and creating an authoritative voice through content
  • Winning at being your own boss


Take a breather, that’s exactly what I’m here for.


THE CREATIVE STRETCH aims to be the go-to resource for inspiration.

Whether it’s in your writing or blogging goals, productivity or entrepreneurship — I’ve got the bases covered. Let’s win at running successful online businesses that deliver high-value, kick-ass content!

The Creative Stretch | Strategic Content Marketing Solutions for Online Businesses

My name is Pam and I love weaving words and using them to connect to people.

Your business does not have to being sales pitch-y with a strict and formal voice. It is totally possible for a brand to become an authority, even if they use the simplest, friendliest and most personable voice on the Internet.

Let’s take apart your goals and visions and put them into words, all while making sure that it addresses the biggest problems that your ideal audience has.

I totally get that you’d much rather want to focus on developing your products and services but it can be hard to gain the trust of your audience without first delivering value through your content.

If you feel like you’ve fried your brains coming up with a clear content strategy, we can start creating synergy and get those creative juices flowing.


How can I help you?

  • Create a one-off basic website copy to get you started
  • Figure out what topics and headlines to write about, based on your business objectives and your target market
  • Manage your social media, keep it updated and use it to connect to potential customers
  • Keep you website content up-to-date by delivering high-value content that highlight your brand’s products and services

I am a professional freelance writer, blogger and ghostwriter.
I can provide content for the following areas:

  • travel
  • parenting
  • personal finance
  • digital marketing (blogging, social media, branding, email marketing, etc)

Ready to Create Kick-Ass Content?