Oh, hello there!

So you have an up-and-coming business that you want to scale to greater heights. You want to bring it to a consistent 5-, 6- or 7-digit earner but you’re being pulled in all directions, trying to get all the moving pieces to work.

You’re great at big picture things but hate sweating the stuff over the minute details.

There’s a sales page to make. Or a landing page to put together. Some copy needs to be done. There’s new software that you need to figure out. You’re on the verge of losing your sanity.

I get it.

You want to grow your online business but just don’t have the time. You’re being pulled in all directions and not quite sure which goal to tackle first.

No worries. I’m here to help.

I love working with coaches, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs who want to build their team or are looking for someone to help put together and manage their team.

We can hold hands and go through your systems and processes:

  • create workflows and automation for your business
  • get your social media game on point
  • manage all your content: blogs, videos, lead magnets, graphics, what-have-you
  • put together all your money-making pages: opt-in pages, sales pages, tripwires, checkouts, and more
  • set up your email marketing: welcome emails, email funnels, newsletters
  • manage your online events: podcasts, summits and digital conferences, webinars
  • A/B test and monitor the different aspects of your online business so we can tweak and optimize it

It’s high time you learn to delegate all the other tasks that you suck at or simply hate – because you’re better off doing things that you love or that generate more money for you.

Now, go ahead and free up your time.

Focus on the things that are PROFITABLE and closer to your heart.

Let me take care of the rest.

Hi, I’m Pam!

I’m an email marketing and sales funnel specialist, and I love working with coaches and course creators.

Let’s create systems and automate your business!

Let’s create systems and automate your business, one funnel at a time!

Pam did amazing work for me. I hired her to transfer my WordPress blog posts to my Kajabi platform. She did an amazing job at transferring all of the graphics and text; and re-established every link in these posts. She is an expert at WordPress and Kajabi and needed no guidance from me to do the work. In fact, I learned a lot from her in how to set up my new Kajabi site. I will definitely hire her again!

Pam was excellent at completing the work requested. She went above and beyond the scope of the project and completed additional work. I deeply appreciate her dedication and her hard work. Great freelancer, can't wait to hire again.

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